Seeking Immortality? So Have Others…

Seeking Immortality? So Have Others…

Patients at the Alcor Life Extension Foundation are placed into these large metal casings that are cooled to -320 degrees Fahrenheit.

Modern technology has made immortality seem somehow within reach, even if the science for eternal life still appears generations away.

That’s the thinking behind one avenue of self-preservation:cryonics.

Cryonics is the process of preserving recently deceased individuals with the intention of reviving them using future medical science and technology. The individuals are frozen after their hearts stopped, so they have died legally, but before their brains are dead.

The Alcor Life Extension Foundation based out of Scottdale, Ariz., is one organization offering to preserve individuals in liquid nitrogen after death in the hopes of being able to live again.

To have the entire body preserve costs around $150,000. For $50,000, an individual can have just their brains held in cryonic suspension.


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