The Solution

The Solution . . .

Monica and Alexander Cermak like Violet.

Names Occupation Car Color Brought Borrowed
Daniella and Mathew Black Shop-Assistants Trabant pink “Mulatka Gabriela” “We Were Five”
Victoria and Owen Kuril Doctors Skoda brown “The Modern Comedy” “Slovacko Judge”
Hannah and Stan Horricks Agriculturalists Moskvic white “Dame Commissar” “Mulatka Gabriela”
Jenny and Robert Smith Warehouse Managers Wartburg yellow “We Were Five” “The Modern Comedy”
Monica and Alexander Cermak Ticket-Collectors Dacia violet “Shed Stoat” “Grandfather Joseph”
Irene a Oto Zajac Accountants Fiat red “The Seadog” “Shed Stoat”
Pamela and Paul Swain Shoppers Renault green “Grandfather Joseph” “The Seadog”
Veronica and Rick Dvorak Teachers Ziguli blue “Slovacko Judge” “Dame Commissar”

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